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<a>$\ldots$<z> quickfind
<$\uparrow$>,< $\downarrow$> move cursor one entry up/down
<Pgup>,<Pgdown> move cursor one page up/down
<Home>,<End> move cursor to top/bottom of the list
< $\rightarrow$>,<Ins> add file to playlist
< $\leftarrow$>,<De> remove file from playlist
<CTRL>+{< $\rightarrow$>,<Ins>} add all files to playlist
<CTRL>+{< $\leftarrow$>,<Del>} clear playlist
<CTRL>+{<$\uparrow$>,< $\downarrow$>} move module up/down on playlist
<CTRL>,{<Pgup>,<Pgdown>} move module one page up/down in playlist
<CTRL>,{<Home>,<End>} move module to top/bottom of playlist
<ALT>+<c> configure fileselector
<ALT>+<z> toggle screen mode
<ALT>+<s> stop scanning module information
<ALT>+<w> write module information .mdz for selected file
<ALT>+<a> write module information .mdz for directory
<ALT>+<k> delete file
<ALT>+{<i>,<tab>} change display mode for directory window
<Enter> play selected file
  change to directory/archive/drive
  edit entry (in module info window)
<CTRL>+<Enter> edit path window
<tab> change between directory and playlist
<SHIFT>+<tab> change to module info window
<Esc> exit fileselector

Supported filetypes - valid options for the type entry in the module information window.
669 669 Composer module
AMS Velvet Studio module
BPA Death Ralley archive
CDA compact disk CD audio track
DMF X Tracker module
IT Impulse Tracker module
MDL Digi Tracker module
MID standard midi file
MIDd standard midi file, channel 16 is a second drum track
MOD amiga ProTracker 1.1b module
MODt amiga ProTracker 1.1b module, effect Fxx is tempo
MODd amiga ProTracker 1.1b module with effect 8xx is panning
MODf pc Fast Tracker II .mod file
M15 amiga NoiseTracker module with 15 instruments (plays like ProTracker 1.1b)
M15t amiga NoiseTracker module with 15 instruments, effect Fxx is tempo (plays like ProTracker 1.1b)
MP3 MPEG audio format level 1-3
MTM Multi Tracker module
MXM Mxmplay module
OKT Oktalyzer module
PLS OPENCP playlist, works also with M3U and PLT playlist files
PTM Poly Tracker module
S3M Sream Tracker 3 module
SID PSID sid file
UMX Unreal module file
ULT Ultra Tracker module
WAV Microsoft RIFF wave file
WOW WOW Tracker module
XM Fast Tracker 2 module

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