Assembly Reporter The Retro Journey
a travelling story by doj / cubic
day 0
what's in the parcel ? Now we had everything needed to survive: a bed and some party food. No time could be wasted anymore and while doj was installing his system in the hotel room submissive started to unpack his new case. On the bed you can see his equpiment wraped in aluminium to avoid electric shocking.
live bei vobis Some minutes later the mainboard was installed and hard disks had to be stabelized with the help of some screws. Hardware freaks know that new cases always have some metal on the slots for the isa and pci cards which have to be ripped of before inserting cards. Because we forgot to take them out before installing the mainboard submissive ripped off on of its condensators while removing these metal slots. Was that condensator important for functionality ? It turned out that it was not needed at all. Perhaps we should write Chaintech some email telling them of a further improvement of their design...
As both computers were running now we started coding on the demo again. doj prepared his tune Easy Guitar for the multichannel competition. Of course it did not make it through the preselection.
Later that evening we were starving again and decided to go to the city and have a look for some nice restaurant. Actually we were doing this for the fourth time now and I still don't know any good place to eat some normal food in helsinki. It seems to me that the finns do not like to eat outside home very much, as all you can find are fast food burger shops. The best alternative to american dinner is a steak restaurant where we finally went once again. If any of the readers knows a real good place in Helsinki to get some european food place mail me !
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