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Sound Blaster

Most compatibles should work with the following sections and options aswell. Be sure to include a mixing device aswell if you want to play module file types.

; subtype= 1:sb 1.x, 2:sb 2.x, 3:sb pro, 4:sb16
some revisions of the Sound Blaster Pro (and clones) have a bug, when playing stereo. The right and left channel are played on the appropriate other channel. To get the right order enable this option.
if your card is not properly detected (this can happen when clones are not 100% compatible) you can set the type of card with this option
1 - SoundBlaster 1.x mono 22Khz 8bit
2 - SoundBlaster 2.x mono 44Khz 8bit
3 - SoundBlasterPro either mono 44Khz 8bit
  - or stereo 22KHz 8bit
4 - SoundBlaster16 stereo 44KHz 16bit

documentation by doj / cubic