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                              Itīs going on !
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                        |    __)/  /_\  \  /  / \  \ 
                        |     \/    |    \/   \_/.  \
                        \___  /\____|__  /\_____\ \_/
                            \/         \/        \__> V1.94
                            by Master of the MatriX


Q: What is the Cubic Player ?
A: Cubic Player (CP) is a music player which plays a variety of
   sound formats on several sound cards.

Q: ... Cubic Team ... ?
A: Niklas continues developing the Cubic Player ! But the Player is not
   any more related to the Cubic Team !
   I try to make the doc, FAQ & a bit email support,don't blame him !!!!

Q: I know a new Tracker-Format, can you include it ?
A: Yes of coz, but why don't you write the 100% compatible player-module
   for the Cubic Player ? There is a SDK so you can write your own plugins
   for the Cubic Player !

Q: What sound cards are supported ?
A: Gravis UltraSound / MAX / DaughterBoard / PnP
   SoundBlaster 1.x / 2.x / Pro / 16 / SB 32 / PnP
   WSS compatible cards
   Pro Audio Spectrum series
   Disk Writer, writes .WAV output on disk.
   Quiet Player =)

Q: Can not find OS4GW.EXE ?
A: Only in the Wired 96 PRE-Release :) Call DOS4GW CP.EXE !
   This should work fine, don't mail us and we have the time, to fix it!

Q: What music formats are supported ?

   MP2, MP3 and MIDI.
Q: Which is the last version of Cubic Player?
A: The last Cubic Player version is the 2.0a++ enhanced.
   This alpha release is only for professional Users !

Q: Where can I get the latest Cubic-Player / Patches ?
   Where can I find the offical Cubic Player homepage?
A: FASTEST and FiRST Sites:
      http://www.thepentagon.com/cubic (HOME PAGE)
      http://www.fh-zwickau.de/~maz/ (GUS-Patches)

   FiDO Request
      Digital Nightmare      2:2437/301 ..       Magic "CP"

   Cubic Team WHQ
      Digital Nightmare      +49-5121-157107     33.6k USR V34+
                             +49-5121-39236      33.6k USR V34+/X2
                             +49-5121-157635     33.6k USR V34+/X2/64.0k/12k iSDN
			     +46-5121-157108	 ZyXEL 19.2
                             +49-5121-157636     64.0k/128k iSDN
                             +49-5121-157107     64.0k/128k iSDN
                             +49-5121-157109     64.0k/128k iSDN

Q: Is there a Newsgroup for the Cubic Player ?
A: Yes in the German part of the Fidonet demo.cubic.ger,
   in the Internet: fido.ger.demo.cubic.
   And a Mailinglist is now under development !

Q: Are you going to release new versions ?
A: Yes !

Q: Does the Cubic Player run with Windows 3.11 ?
A: NOT PERFECT ! If you try it, your system might crash !

Q: Does the Cubic Player run with Windows 95 ?
A: Yes, the Player should work fine, but you need more RAM & CPU power !
   If your system doesn't have a P100 & 16 MB RAM, try it under DOS.

Q: Does the Cubic Player run with Windows NT (4.0) ?
A: No, the architecture of NT (HAL) make the direct access to the
   Hardware impossible.

Q: Can you give me the source or a part of the source from the Cubic
   Player ?
A: NO, we don't give any part of our source away.
   But you can get the Tiny XM Player a free GUS-XM Player inc. Source
   from the Cubic Team.

Q: I have a problem finding a small routine that will play mod files.
   I wanted to know if you can help finding a routine, lib or something
   like this.

A: Try our Tiny XM Player, a free XM Player inc. source.

Q: How can I play MIDI files with my SB ?
A: You need the GUS MIDI-Patch files, this Musicpatch Files are shipped
   with all Advanced Gravis Ultrasound Card's. Try to get them from a friend
   with a Ultrasound Card. Then you must add the path of your .PAT
   Files in your CP.INI, MPU-401 support is planed in a further Version.
    ;// the gus patches AND the DEFAULT.CFG are located here.

Q: Can I configure midi drivers for the CP 2.0ā if I have a
   Sound Blaster 16/MPU-401 with a daughter board Roland Sound Canvas
   SCB-55 ?
A: Wait for the 2.0 FINAL or get MiDPLAY from SoundWorX a colorful
   MPU-401/SB MiDI-Player.

Q: I am having trouble getting the disk writing option (-cc40) to work
   with CP 2.0ā
A: The config-system has been changed to 1.666.
   Now you can select the disk-writer in the fileselector.
   Select the device @: => DEVICES => DEVPDSK.DEV (Disk Writer)
   For better quality try QMIX.DEV !

Q: First off, when I play certain WAV files, CP will cause DOS4GW to
   crash, citing a DIVIDE BY ZERO error. most of these crashes occur when a WAV
   is sampled at a little over 11000Hz...
A: You must get an updated driver for your soundcard.

Q: What about .IT support ?
A: The .IT Support is still under construction,
   a ALPHA loader for the .IT Format is in the 2.0 is included.
   But we are waiting for a .IT Player made with our SDK by the author
   from the Impulse Tracker !

   In fact .IT is different from the most .MOD formats, so 32 channels
   max. 16 samples / instrument, no NNAs, no sustain loops, some missing
   BUT THIS IS NOT THE 2.0 RELEASE VERSION, don't cry or complain via
   MAIL !!

Q: Do you plan to support MPEG-2/3 ?
A: A first Version is avail in the CP2.0Alpha ++.

Q: Why don't you implement Nibbles, or similar game, in Cubic? Like
   FT2-nibbles? Or just plain Snake...
A: Cubic Player is a MOD-Player, if you want to play a game get a EPIC
   or Apogee SW game :)

Q: I have a AWE32 and a GUS in my computer. Will both cards be supported
   simultaneously in the nearby future?
A: Right now, only 2 GUSs' are supported simultaneously.

Q: The documentation says "Most of this is obsolete since  1.666"  Do
   you think you could perhaps update it ?
A: Soon ! In the NEXT WEEK i hope we'll have a NEW documentaion.

Q: What does "wurfel mode" actually do?
A: "Wuerfel" is german word for cubic. The mode play a animation, when
   avail, designed for special party-versions, CD-ROM rel. ...

Q: Some features like the "wuerfel mode" are in the 2.-1 missing,
   are they removed ?
A: This features and much more are comming back !
   Only in the 2.-1 Version are they temp. removed.

Q: Is it possible that you port Cubic Player to other software platforms
   like OS/2 and some free Unices (Linux and FreeBSD) ?
A: WiN32 perhaps, but right now no support for other platforms is

Q: When I play a XM I've made in Cubic (1.7) it sounds wonderful but
   when I use the -cdiskwriter to make MP3's the waves doesn't have the same
   quality. Though I set them to be 44/16/stereo some high tones and
   some bass almost dissapear. Why? 

A: The Cubic Player can ony write MPEG Audio Layer 2 not layer 3, write
   a wave and encode it with the L3ENC (Commerzial Software).
   Itīll take a lot of time :)


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