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dancing babe

29 KB

Guitar Modfile (Pink Floyd?)

49 KB

Groovy tune

Druid II
60 KB

Do you remeber Druid II on C64 ?
new piano version

War Memories
84 KB

War Memories
dark music for dark minds

Terminal Nightmare
91 KB

Techno style tune
by Force Ten

Rebel Minded
94 KB

House/Techno style tune

Fading Vision
94 KB

Techno style tune

Quench - Dreams
100 KB

Trance tune
by Quench

The Digital Groove
183 KB

Very groovy tune
by Force Ten

The Universal Song
422 KB

My absolute favorite song
by The Zapper! - Force Ten

If you donīt have it - you can get the plug-ins for
Windows 95 right