Assembly Reporter The Retro Journey
a travelling story by doj / cubic
day 2
On Saturday we got up early and after having some nice shower we went to the train station to get something to eat. Last year the local bakerman had nice things - I did not like this years offers too much. But compared to the burger alternative it was the best we could find and so we had breakfast in the train station.
midas After returning to the fair center we found out the whole truth of this years assembly. The party was totally boring. There were very few foreigners this year and the cool guys from the finnish scene were mostly in the city boozing somewhere. It seems that the Booze-ssembly has become the major part of the annual meeting in august.
One of the very few sceeners we met was Petteri of the Sahara Surfers mainly known for his great midas sound system. Some guys of Doomsday could also be spotted, but I have not taken any pictures of them. We also met Kombat from Israel. As kombat is a coder he mainly stayed with sub discussion various aspects of coding...
wenn du tuerken wuessten wie schlecht der doener in helsinki ist, dann wuerden sie die ganze stadt niederbrennen In the afternoon we met Wok once again and he proposed to go to town into the turkish kebab room and have some lunch. You can spot Wok in the far right corner, the coder from Recreation in the front left and some guys from hungary. Once again you can not spot me, as I had to make the photo. You can ofcourse spot the rest of my dish in the front right table.
After returning to the place we spent the time watching some competitions. I remember none of them, mainly because they were all boring without real highlights. Only the multichannel competition had some nice exceptions from the normal module style.
day 3
Sunday started as Saturday ended. Complete boredom. The competitions weren't too interesting once again only the pc demo competition had three good productions: Doomsday, Orange, Coma. The pc 64K compo was totally fucked up by the organizers due to a bad graphics adapter. I don't know why they did not remove it and repeat the compo, there would have been enough time. The best thing this day offered was our own demo. Gladly it made his way through the preselection, but it totally fucked up in the competition and submissive and me were laughing our asses off. You have to know that we did not enter the competition with the slightest thought that the demo would be good. And so it made the last place, that's ok for this piece of crap. Perhaps we should release it under the topcrew label.
After the price giving ceremony (it was boring too, although the real abyss was the show master, but I think he was too tired to give a good show) we packed our stuff and grabbed some taxi to go to a youth hostel. Later that evening we met two guys from italy in the city. We should soon meet them again in the youth hostel. They invited us to have breakfast with them the next day.
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