Scala v0.98beta Party Report

The second SCALA-Meeting in 1998 was held from the 24th to the 26th of July in Stade near Hamburg. About 40 Sceners attended from all over Germany to this unannounced, private event sponsored by the Mekka^Symposium organising crew.

Since this event was elite and invite only, the newly formed groups Elitegroup and EliteCrew were looking for new members. The people attending to the SCALA-Meeting had the possibility to fill out a membership request form. The leader of the month of Elitegroup will later decide if some of the requests can be permitted. EliteCrew claims to be invite only and therefore think they are much more elite. EliteCrew and Elitegroup announced to be in war with each other, which will be quite complicated since some roumors say, that members of both crews work in the same office...

During the bar-b-q event, the war escallated, but physical violence was avoided. Anyways... all in all it was a big success. Again, the Mekka^Symposium organisers sponsored the sausages and other stuff (Astra, you know...).

A fast-competition was held, and two entries qualified. Elitegroup decided to hold back their winning Mega-Demo because of the low price money. The competition was shown on a 0.43 meter big screen and on a powerfull, 50 watt stereo equipment. Since the audience couldn't agree about a winner demo, the organising stuff decided that both contributers can choose from the sponsored prices.

The prices were:

1. Scala-cookies (600g) worth $2.21 or 16.36dkk, sponsored by TTS/Oxyron
2. Scala-cookies (200g) worth $1.66 or 12.55dkk, sponsored by Chaos/FEB
3. VBasic book and C64-tools worth $22.22 or 168 ddk, sponsored by Cubic&$een
4. Lego-Scala puppet worth $6.66 or 50 dkk, sposored by Lego
5. Praline soft porno mag worth $1.28 or 9.66 dkk, sponsored by EliTeGrOuP.

As usual the remaining prices were thrown into the audience by Steeler in some kind of minimal Lionfeed, but Steeler took away the cover of the soft porno mag.

All in all the meeting was a big success but you can simply not care because you will NEVER get invited anyway, ELITE ONLY RULEZ (we are so very coooool).

2005-04-05 © by doj