Back from yearz of zilenze, we now have our own webpage.
And now you all can download our all demos!!!!!

And we start with our biggest succes straight from 1996's Mekka Party, with our 6th place in the demo competition:


still picture showing title still picture showing Holsten beer cans
still picture showing galaxy scroller still picture showing real time fractal

And you can download it all:

  1. The original DOS version,
  2. the new Win32 version
  3. and the source code so you can compile for yourself on Linux and Windows.
  4. Watch the demo on YouTube.


and your second production (yet) is also there, in it's original DOS version. If you're too lame to run this fine piece of MS-DOS software, watch it on YouTube.


After 11 years we have finally released our demo in progress about the great group rooler MrMucke. This is the DOS original from January 1999. You can also watch the demo on YouTube.

If you want to write us your fanmails, point them to: