as the years go by
title picture from unreal.. of course copyright by fc Of course we all knew some finnish guys who produced some nice invitation intro called fishtro. But I think noone would expect such a shocker looking out of his monitor. Unreal surely set some standards in effects (em, not in design, but design wasn't important in 1992) and any other demo was just a lamers aproach compared to the work of future crew. They clearly stated who was the ruler in the pc demo scene.

Apart from watching unreal many times 1992 was the most unproductive year. I mostly played games or coped with other things than coding.
In the second half of '92 pascal got some files called modules together with the player wow1. As pc music mostly meant stupid speaker or adlib crap, we were quite amazed by the sound quality produced by the mods. So we spent some night downloading every .mod file from our local bbs. In the end I finally got some trackers called fast tracker 1 and creator. At fist I thought Creator would be the better choice, but it turned out that it was not usable.

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