as the years go by
just after The Party 7 we hit the earth with our stunning loosing demo from Assembly, which we finally finalized. Just two weeks later the next release was presented to the astonished public. The conversion of Lego's award winning Amiga Intro "Mekka^Syposium'98 Invitation". We did pish an ultra big jet into all your faces with this 100% conversion.

After a nice SCALA meeting in Stade in february we prepated ourselves for the Mekka/Symposium event at easter. The complete cubic & $eeN crew was helping making this party one of the highlights in 1998. Submissive and his brother JJ plus Frentic kept law and order with the security team. MoM installed hundreds of meters of twisted pair cable and gigabytes of ftpspace in the party server. Pole was helping me doing general organizing, such as cleening the party place and answering stupid questions.
After the four days we had the typical symptoms of parties like tireness and a hurting stomach due to bad food. But this is a must for organisers if the event should become a success. Look out for party reports if you have not attended the party.

After the party we had two very nice Teklords meetings in the some church rooms in northern Hamburg. Check out the event page for photos and releases.

In May Submissive joined the Free Electric Band and helped them coding their game YARG, while I was concentrating on my studies and the exams in the last week of june.

In mid July I bought myself a C64 and a C128, so I am now able to watch some commodore demos again. Lets see if I am able to code some 6502 assembler. But with the advise of god graham I am sure to get something usable.

From 24th to 26th July we had another SCALA meeting in Stade which turned out to be very nice. Since this weekend we have a war between the original ELEETCREW and the lamers from Elitegroup...

Now it is at the end of October and studies habe begun once again. And it is unbelievable, but this semester turns out to be just more boring than the last one. If fact there is only statistics that is somehow interesting. My week turns out to be occupied by about 6 hors at fachhochschule and the rest I spend at home. But till now nothing serious evolved from all this lazyness.
doj and yamato In September there took place the evoke in Aachen, which I visited. You can see me together with yamato, a skilled musician which I met at the party, after we had some emails moving around for some time. Actually I forgot who to credit for the picture. If you know him, please contact me. At evoke we won the karaoke competition with kb's smash hit "Coder!". My entry for the 4ch competition, a coproduction with kb, got last as usual. I'll upload it soon to the audiotorium.