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Noise Level of the Line6 Pocket POD

In the winter of 2008 I bought a Pocket POD to do some headphone practice with my guitar. However after testing my new purchase for about 5min I was really disappointed by its performance, since my device featured an all time present amount of noise. I have made a recording of the behavior with my PC, and although I did not have access to a high quality recording equipment and merely used the internal sound card, it was sufficient to capture the symptoms.

I then wrote an email to Line6 support, but (as expected) until today did not receive an answer. Well what should they answer, other to admit that they just rushed out a badly designed device. I have seen complaints and questions about this on the Line6 forums from many people and nobody got any real solution, so I decided to publish my tests one and a half year after writing my email to Line6.

My email to Line6 support

Below is the email I sent to Line6 support, only edited to reflect the current location of the images and sound files and some minor spelling mistakes. As of July 2009 I'm still waiting for an answer.

Hello all together,

I have long used an original POD XT for live play, recording and
practicing with head phones. Nothing to complain about on that device.
Now after I have moved to a different country and left all my
equipment at home I bought a Spider III Amp last autumn and can
not complain about its performance either. I also use it a lot to
practice with headphones.

Now last Saturday I decided to give the Pocket POD a try, since it
seemed like a good alternative for headphone practice with the benefit
of better mobility than carrying around my amp...

But right after unpacking the POD and turning it on I noticed, that my
device is suffering from a badly designed output stage, since it has
two things to complain about.

1) The device once it has booted its firmware and is working has a far
higher noise level than comparable effect gear. I ran the POD from
(new) batteries, so a humming power source is no cause.

2) When operating the device emits a fairly high tone, not loud but
clearly audible with headphones.

Now first I checked for a bad cable and tried all guitar cables of all
length I have. Then I investigated if this may be a defect of the
line/headphone output, but when I connected the pod to my amp via the
amp guitar input the same noise and tone could be heard through the
amp.  I then tested turning on the pod by connecting the computer via
USB and not inserting anything into its guitar input and I had the
same results, both on guitar and line output on the pod.

So my conclusion is, that the output (amplifier) circuit in the pod is
one the one hand not designed for the usual line6 quality low noise
and that some part of it is emitting this high tone on top of it.

To let you better understand my observations I have made a recording
of the mentioned POD behavior. Since I recently moved I unfortunately
have only access to my office PCs crappy onboard recording facility,
but it sufficed for some low-tech analysis. I have uploaded the sample
file to my web page:

The first 5 seconds show the pod powered off, so we see the noise
level of the onboard sound card.  Then I power on the POD by inserting
a cable into the guitar in. At about 11 seconds the POD has booted and
is ready for operation. Then the high tone appears and a slightly
raised noise level. If you listen carefully you notice an increase in
the upper frequency noise.

I have also made two spectrum analysis of the relevant parts. You can
access them at:

Although the db axis is slightly different in the two screen shots you
can see an overall increase in the mid-frequency noise level. And I
have indicated with arrows the spectral frequencies of the additional

Apart from those two annoyances the POD operated without problems.

As I don't have access to another Pocket POD for a comparison I can
not conclude if I have a device with a defect in the audio part, or if
the described behavior is present in all current Pocket PODs.  I have
returned my POD to the dealer today, since it is of no use for me with
this behavior, but I'd like to know if I might have had a defective

Spectrum Analysis

As described in the email above here are the two spectrum analysis pictures I have made with Audacity. The first picture shows any noise present within my recording setup, as it was made with the PocketPOD connected but not powered on.

Spectrum Analysis of depowered PocketPOD

And this picture shows a running PocketPOD. You can clearly see a general higher noise present and the arrows show the fundamentals of the high frequency tone always present.

Spectrum Analysis of powered on PocketPOD

And finally you can download the PocketPOD recording in WAVE format from which the analysis above was created.


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Last update 2009-07-09