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Siemens MX300i

I own one Siemens MX300i.


Front View. The QIC-02 tape has been removed, thus the empty 5.25" slot, because it was defect. I connect the replacement tape to the external scsi bus.
The first step in opening the case is to remove the top plate. Use a screw driver to lift the front part as shown in this picture.
The open computer. It is equipped with 4 serial cards.
The front panel. The upper two switches are power switches. The lower two switches will set the machine into debug mode while in the boot process.
The nvram is normally powered by a 3.6V lithium battery. When I received my MX300 it was completly used, so I replaced it with two standard 1.5V batteries, as they are significantly cheaper and provide enough power for the nvram.
An additional scsi controller with NCR chipset. It is connected to an external 50pin centronics connector.
An additional ethernet controller.
A serial card. I have three of those.
Another serial card.
CPU board. The board also contains a scsi controller and ethernet port.
32MB of memory. It is connected directly to the CPU board with the gray connector at the top left side.


Sinix World The new ultimate Ressource for the Siemens RM platform. Covers the operating system which is used by the MX series as well.
Linux ABI a Linux project to use binaries from other operating systems on x86 Linux. There is partial success in running Sinix x86 binaries.
An explanation of the SINIX V5.20 Universes.


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