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vanilla cake with chocolate chips

The following steps show the order in which the cake should be prepared and mixed. The items listed in bold are the ingredients required in each step. Use a scale with metric units to weigh the ingredients, they are designed for a rectangular oven form of ~

  1. Turn on the oven at 350°F or 180°C.
  2. Take a small piece of soft (room temperate) butter and coat the forms surface with butter.
  3. Place 160g of butter in a mixing bowl. If the butter is refridgerated, cut into small pieces. Then microwave the butter for 1min so it melts. (if small soft pieces of butter remain that is acceptable, they will be mixed later)
  4. Add 140g of sugar.
  5. Add 5g of salt.
  6. Add 5 chicken eggs, only the egg-white and yolk, throw away the shells.
  7. Add 5 table spoons of cow milk.
  8. Add vanilla flavor, this could be in powdered form (1 tea spoon), liquid form (2 or 3 tea spoons) or real vanilla bean (quantity at your discretion).
  9. Mix everything with an electric mixer.
  10. Add 360g of all purpose wheat flour.
  11. Add 3 tea spoons of baking powder. Pay attention to not use baking soda.
  12. Mix everything with an electric mixer. Start slowly to not disperse the flour into the air. If the dough is too tough; then add more milk. If the dough is too fluid; then add more flour.
  13. Add chocolate chips at your discretion.
  14. Pour the mixed cake dough into the buttered form.
  15. Place the form into the oven.
  16. The anticipated baking time is 60min ±5min. After 55min stick a chop stick into the cake and pull out. If sticky dough is on the stick; then bake the cake for another 5min; else turn off the oven and take the form out. Use oven mitts to protect your hand skin.
  17. After ~30min take the cake out of the form by turning it over on a board or plate. You may have to use mitts again to touch the form.
  18. If you don't eat the cake in one day, wrap in aluminum foil for overnight storage. It doesn't matter if the reflective or matte side is covering the cake.

side hustle: whipped cream

While the cake is baking, you can make whipped cream. Clean the mixer whisks and find a tall and narrow glass or plastic cup.

  1. Add 200ml of heavy whipping cream.
  2. Add 2 tea spoons of sugar.
  3. Use the electric mixer on high speed to whip the cream until it becomes solid. I typically takes around 1 minute of whipping.

Store the whipped cream in the refrigerator when not in consumption.