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telephone ringtones

Here you find some telephone I (and friends of mine) have created.

Android iPhone other description
MontyOnTheRun.ogg 10 second loop.
MontyOnTheRun30sec.ogg 30 second loop.
MontyOnTheRun.m4r 10 second loop. MontyOnTheRun.mid A loop from the C64 SID song Monty on the run composed by Rob Hubbard.
X-Out-gameOver.ogg X-Out-gameOver.m4r The game over theme from the C64 game X-out composed by Michael Hendriks. This is supposed to be a notification sound.
BubbleBobble-Auftakt.ogg BubbleBobble-Auftakt.m4r The first 3 notes of the C64 game Bubble Bobble composed by Peter Clarke. This is supposed to be a notification sound.
Wizardry.mid Wizardry composed by Rob Hubbard. This MIDI file was created by my friend Lukas.