Notes over the 'Deutschnationale Volkspartei, DNVP'

The DNVP was the most nationalist and conservative party in the Weimar Republic. It was founded on the 22. November 1918. Her political aims were to get back to a monarchal state system and she fought against the parliamental system and socialism. She was also interested in industrial and big agricultural systems. The chairman became Alfred Hugenberg in 1928 after Helfferich and Lord Westarp.

In the years 1925 and 1927/28 she had taken part in the government, but after she tended to be extremly in opposition. This lead in 1931 to an alliance with the NSDAP. From this coorparation the DNVP hoped to take part in politics together with the NSDAP, but on the 27th of June 1933 it was crashed by the Nazis.

In 1930 the KPD,DNVP,NSDAP joined together to become more stronger.
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