The life of our hero in the story of the Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner by Alan Sillitoe, written by Dirk Jagdmann on the 4. of Mai 1992 in Hamburg on his 80386 Computer running with 33MHz under Microsoft's Disk Operating System Version 5.0 with the help of Microsoft Word for Windows Version 1.1 in Microsoft Windows Version 3.0 and a DFI Mouse on a special Mouse-Pad and a standard Multi-Function Keyboard (MF-II)

Ever since our hero lived in poor familiy conditions in a poor part of the town. He learned early how to steal and to get money without working.

When his father died life became even harder. In order to avoid starving, he and his friend Mike decided one evening to make a big job.They broke the window of a bakery and they stole the chest with the money which the baker had left in his shop. They hid the money on the roof of our hero's house, because they thaught nobody would search for it at this place.

But the police got a hint by somebody and they asked our hero many times if he had stolen the money and they searched the house several times, but found nothing. But on a rainy day when a policeman came again the money was washed of the roof and it fall on the ground where it was seen by the police.

So he was spoken guilty and sent to a youth prison called Borstal. There he became a long distance cross country runner and he was expected to win a race. Everybody especially the governor supported him, but he decided that he should not win the race to show everybody his protest. And so he did.

After he was dismissed of Borstal he continued with robbery.
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