An essay about the opposite of what I beleave

I think that nuclear power cannot be the energy resource of our future,because the whole technique is too dangerous.

Here follow the reasons why this isn't true :

  1. Nuclear power is safe ! If the nuclear power stations are well kept and used by experts the risk of an accident is as low as in coal fired power stations for example.
  2. Nuclear power is clean ! The power stations do not polute as much as firing power stations.
  3. Alternative resources aren't as efficient as Nuclear power ! Wind energy cannot be used everywhere. Only in coast regions is wind energy useful, while nuclear power is availible everywhere. Same thing with solar energy and hydro-electric power. The productivity of solor cells is now only 12% of the energy provided by the sun to them. To use hydro-electric- power you have to build damms which costs much and nature will be destroyed by the lake.
  4. The Uranium can be recycled ! This is not possible with other resources.
  5. And last but not least, the enourmous amount of energy that is needed in nower days cannot be produced without nuclear power.

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