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OPENCP is a music file player. It is derived from the Cubic Player 2.0appe which was developed by Niklas Beisert1.1. Currently Thammo Hinrichs1.2 is maintaining OPENCP with help from Dirk Jagdmann1.3 and various other people.

OPENCP is published under the GNU General Public License (GPL). That means you can use this software free for personal usage only. The source code is available to the public and everybody is encouraged to make changes to it. Please send any modifications and bugfixes to the authors. The authors do not take any warranty for any damages whatever kind produced by this software. For further details see the file COPYING.TXT.

Official versions of OPENCP can be downloaded from our websites

Currently MS-DOS and Windows95 are supported operating systems. A Linux version is planned for the future. A graphical GUI when running under Windows is in development too. Perhaps in the far future OPENCP can be ported to standard C++ code to compile well under all native unix environments. If you are an experienced developer and would like to help us porting or improving this software please contact the authors.

Bugs $\rightarrow$ if you encountered a bug in OPENCP please send a detailed bug report to Thammo Hinrichs. Many people complain about music files not beein played properly (especially with module formats). Please keep in mind that the original tracking/sequencing program is always the reference for correct playback. It a music file sound different compared to another player, please keep in mind that perhaps the other program does not play it correct. This is especially true for Amiga 4channel modules. As those files can be produced using various trackers (Noise-, Sound-, Protracker and many, many more) and sadly all of those trackers have slightly different, a general player like OPENCP can not play all modules correctly. We try to come as close to a reasonable mixture of them all, so that most modules are played correctly. However certain features of one tracker permit another feature of a different player.


... Beisert1.1
... Hinrichs1.2
... Jagdmann1.3

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