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The general section describes which internal modules or plugins to load at startup. Most of them are required for normal operation of OPENCP so you should not remove any of the contents. All options listed in this section are loaded every time OPENCP starts! The default general section looks like:
  link=dos4gfix mmcmphlp poutput hardware inflate pfilesel \
       cpiface fstypes
;  datapath=   
;  tempdir=
this options describes the modules to load when starting OPENCP. There is no need to change this option, unless you have coded a basic internal module.
If you want to hear MIDI music you need samples for the general midi instrument set.6.2 This option contains the path to the midi patches. Section 4.7 describes how to set up OPENCP for midi playback.
DOS4GW is a protected mode extender used by the watcom c++ compiler. However this extender has problems with IRQ greater than 7. If you use the default dos extender cplaunch you should disable this option. If you want to use DOS4GW for whatever reason and your soundcard uses an IRQ greater than 7 you have to enable this.
OPENCP searches for background pictures and animations in its home directory. If you want to store your artwork at a different place use this option to set the right directory.
this directory is used for extracting modules from archives. If you have set a DOS environment variable called either TEMP or TMP these will be used.6.3


... set.6.2
a so called midi patch set
... used.6.3
Most programs make use of those environments, so you should set them at startup in your autoexec.bat file.

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