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Hi there...
I know.. I haven't updated this website for a long time. I've started a game company called Inverse Entertainment half a year ago (summer 2000). Currently we're busy finishing our first game, and for this reason I don't have any time left to spend on this site. When I'm not at work I either spend my time with my girlfriend or chill out at home... Don't expect spectacular updates in the near future.
I have to send some big Thank You! to Gareth. He took the time to correct and edit my bad english (and also found an error in the crossproduct formula) Shame on me!
Nils Pipenbrinck, Hamburg, 4th Januar 2001

Makefiles. Real Coders Love Them...

The Magic of MakeFiles I (Only Lamers need a IDE for WATCOM)
The Magic of MakeFiles II (Makefiles For The Experienced)
MAKE Utility Compatibility Chart (currently covers only Borland MAKE)
"MKMK" the Make a Makefile Utility

Algorithms, Algorithms, Algorithms

The RADIX-Sort Tutorial

Stuff for 2D Graphics Programming

Octree Color Quantization
Generating Seamless Plasma Clouds
Marble Texture Algorithm

Stuff for 3d Graphics Programming

Backface Culling in Object Space
3D Clipping for Realtime Graphics (with sourcecode!)
3D Camera.. How to do the math
Hermite Curve Interpolation (also covers keyframe interpolation with tension, continuity and bias)
DeCasteljau Algorithm to calculate Bezier-Curves

Demo Coding Gems

Cubic & $eeN Mini-Midi Music Disk Sourcecode (Version 6, 179 bytes)
Making Watcom C(++) Programs Tiny
A Useable Vesa VBE 2.0 Library for Watcom C(++)
Detecting OPL2 and OPL3 Soundchips

Other PC Stuff

doj's guide how to configure your system properly

Free Tools written by the Cubic & $eeN Stuff

DAT2ASM, a configurable Binary to ASM Converter for all Compilers
SlowDown V1.0 Make your Win NT/9? System as slow as you want (to play old games for example). Sourcecode for Watcom C++ (and others) included! After all this is a coding page and nothing for game-lamers!

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