Cubic & $eeN LSD-Mandelbrot/Julia Applet

This applet generates the so called Mandelbrot and Julia fractals drawn with my very special LSD-coloring scheme. After writing the first version in 1997 the source code was lost and due to some changes in java (or its applet handling) the compiled applet didn't work for a long time. In 2005 doj discovered the java decompiler jad and tested it with the .class files. To his surprise the decompilation produced readable java source code and with a little bit of debugging he was able to get the code working again with current java releases.

Reminder: this was written by Submissive in 1997 when Netscape Navigator 3.x was state of the art. Submissive's thoughts about Java: As I started coding in java I was aware, that this language is slow. The more I worked with it, the more bugs and inconsistencies I found. Ok, Java is a very young language. The overall design is interesting and I'll take a look at it from time to time, but before I start doing really serious coding in java I'll wait a couple of years.


Java code by Submissive/Cubic & $eeN
Some inspirations and ice-cream by doj/Cubic & $eeN
Source code: Makefile TODO

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