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The defaultconfig section is very similar to the general section. But unlike the general section which is always processed the settings in the defaultconfig section can be ommited with an alternative section and the -c flag from the command line. If the -c flag is not present the defaultconfig section will be processed.5.4

[defaultconfig] ; default configuration
  link=mchasm devi sets smpbase plrbase mcpbase arcarj arczip \
       arcrar arcumx arcbpa arclha arcace playcda playinp
  prelink= ; preloaded dlls

just like in the general section this option defines which modules should be loaded at startup. You can delete some entries if you will not need them - however this is not recommended as they do not use much memory and do not require any processor power.
these files will be loaded before starting the main module. If something goes wrong here OPENCP will continue to work.


... processed.5.4
Therefore it was named defaultconfig...

documentation by doj / cubic