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Gravis Ultrasound

The Gravis Ultrasound series divides into two subseries. The old standard includes the Gravis Ultrasound (with daughterboard), Gravis Ultrasound Max and Gravix Ultrasound ACE which use the old GF1 chip for hardware mixing. The new Gravix Ultrasound PnP use the AMD Interwave chip for hardware playback.
use a non-standard feature to upload the sample data to the fast ram. If you experience problems with corrupted playback, or if your system locks when loading a file disable this option.
use the internal GUS timer for looping and synchronization. This enables more precise playback, but may cause problems.

If you own two GUS cards of the old series you can use a special feature of OPENCP using both sound cards to enable quadruple or 3D playback.5.15

;  port2=250
; subtype=
the base port of the secondary GUS, if it was not autodetected.
you can specify how OPENCP will use the second GUS:
the second GUS will play the rear stereo channels. This is true quadrophony. Of course you have to have a second stereo and a second pair of boxes.
this will enable 3D playback. The additional boxes have to placed exactly behind the audioence, on the floor and the other at the ceiling.
OPENCP will still use the panning information provided by the music files and place the channels randomly in the remaining dimensions. If you have access to a second GUS be sure to check this feature one day, as the sound experience is really amazing.

For users of the new GUS PnP with the Interwave chip the following section is relevant.5.16

use the internal sound card timer for synchronization. When using OPENCP under DOS there is no need to use this feature. However if you want to use the player under Window95 you should enable this to prevent timer inconsenties from windows.
enable the onboard effects (reverb). This feature uses 64KB of the soundcard memory and 4 channels. So the maximum amount of channels is reduced to 28. If the music uses more channels OPENCP will turn off the effect to use the last channels or memory.
if you enable this option the effects will always be present, thus overriding the above option.


... playback.5.15
This is a real 3D playback and has nothing in common with those fakes like QSound etc.
... relevant.5.16
The driver should work with other sound cards using the interwave chip aswell. However we have not encountered such card by now.

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