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software mixers

By default OPENCP will use its own routines for mixing several channels to the two stereo output channels. You have the choice between to mixers. The normal mixer is faster in calculating, thus can mix more channels at the same time. The quality mixer however produces better sound ouput. For average modules and a pentium processor the quality mixer should be fast enough for sufficient playback. If many channels are used you may have to change back to the normal mixer5.17

Both mixers take identical options. As the mixers will be rewritten in the future the options are likely to change. Therefore they are not documented here. Please have a look at future versions of this document if you want to change to mixer settings. However these devices never have caused any trouble/bugs and there should be no need for change.


... mixer5.17
You can toggle by using the bigmodule feature described in section 3.3.

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