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The official internet homepage of OPENCP can be found under:

Please send any suggestions and bug reports via electronic mail to Dirk Jagdmann

Many people complain about music files not being played properly (especially with module formats). Please keep in mind that the original tracking/sequencing program is always the reference for correct playback. If a music file sound different compared to another player, please keep in mind that perhaps the other program does not play it correct. This is especially true for Amiga 4channel modules. As those files can be produced using various trackers (Noise-, Sound-, Protracker and many, many more) and sadly all of those trackers play slightly different, a general player like OPENCP can not play all modules correctly. We try to emulate the behaviour of ProTracker 1.1b, so that most modules are played correctly. However certain features of one tracker permit another feature of a different player.

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