as the years go by
1988 feels like heaven
Yes, it feels like heaven, when your parents allow you to buy your first computer. After several years of struggles I finally managed to convince my parents that a computer is needed for the proper development of a young boy in the late 80's.

As I had spent some hours on the C64s in my school and the fact that this computer was relatively cheap to by it second hand I bought an 'AVIS' paper and looked for some C64s to sell. Some days later I bought a C64 + 1541 + some disks for the low low price of 400,- and was very happy :-)

Title of RType Of course I used all my free time to play the hundreds of games I didn't know. The former owner of my C64 was one of the leading traders in Hamburg, but switched to the amiga. He left me about 600 disks containing about every recent game, so it took me some weeks to play them all. One of my favourite games back then was rtype. It was the first shoot 'em up game I played excessevly.

some action in rtype Another nice screen shot from R-Type... Well, if you're an expert you will notice that I haven't gone through the game too far by now. It is the second wave coming up :-)

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