as the years go by

Katakis Title Katakis Title Another great game from Rainbow Arts - Katakis. This game got released in 1988 as well, but I received my first copy in 1989. This game topped my favourite R-Type easily and I spent many nights with the tricky levels (thanks to all game crackers and trainers).

Apart from playing Katakis I became more and more interested in the cracker intros and the cracker groups. I was always fascinated by the idea of coding these intros, so I began coding.
Aehm, I began learning basic from the original Commodore hand book at first and was very satisfied with the results at first. But soon I realised that basic was too limited to code some graphic effects and I read some assembler tutors.
But I never got the point of coding in assembler and my efforts stayed quite useless.

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