as the years go by

Yeees, in 1990 I finally encountered the magic of computer generated music. With Chris Huelsbeck's Sound Monitor, dated from 1986, I made the first steps in composing. Gladly nothing was released, cause those tunes sucked, but hey I was only 14 back then and I had no experience with music by then.

And it was in 1990, when my friend Johan bought himself a modem (a monster with 1200 baud !). Together we made our first steps in the global village in famous bbses like T.E.C.S or DBS (Digital Broadcosting System). As the german boards sucked in those times he installed an account at the us information server genie. Expensive phone bills were the price to pay.

In 1991 the big change came. Or find out the beauties of il ristorante. You can also go back