as the years go by
1991 This year I got more and more bored by the old Commodore. The days where I did not use my little 8bit'r got more and I felt no more challenge in using it.
So a new machine was needed. I had to choose between the new Amiga Series with 1200'er and the new AGA chipset or switch to the IBM compatibles. I choose to buy a 386/33 with 4MB plus 100MB hard disk from the german manufactorer ASI. As I had already some experience with PCs from school I got used to it very soon.

Then some day a guy from school which a never really paid attention to before asked me if I wanted some cool programs for pc ? He had heard from my friends that I was now a pc-user. As he was the only one owning a pc in school till then he was very glad to have someone to share his experiences.

Title of Wing Commander I Perhaps you guessed who it was, it was pascal and he gave me Wing Commander I and Turbo Pascal 6. So I had a fancy game and a powerful language to explore. Very soon pascal and me became close friends and he showed my his coding pieces and we spent many afternoons and night sitting together hacking at his or mine machine. We competed in gaining the highest score in Wing Commander and other games, like Commander Keen or KiloBlaster.

At the end of December we saw our first demo on pc. It was the legendary Chronologia from Cascada. This Production fascinated us so much that we searched all local BBSes for other demos, but there weren't many back in the old days. But the pc demo scene grew and grew and in 1992 there were some talented groups making demos.
But we never thought of developing our own demos, I guess because we didn't knew what was needed to do this. But the people who were able to develop those cool things fascinated us and we kept us up to date with the demo scene.

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