as the years go by
1994 began as '93 ended. doj was tracking, while pascal debuged...
In early '94 we met some called armin, arvid, arne or something similar (oh, my brain hurts, I can't remember his name). He wanted to join forces and pascal liked to call ourselfs "eniac". I didn't like that name and some day I discovered that helvetican guy had released an intro under eniac so we had to think about a new name... Then pascal proposed "Titans", but after some weeks, he thought it sound to similar to Witan, so we stayed nameless.

The guy beginning with A stayed absolutely inactive, so we somehow ingored or kicken him again. Meanwhile pascal had coded some nice mod, s3m, mtm player and I proposed coding some intro stuff for assembly '94, as hook and me wanted to travel to helsinki. So we looked at our routines and put together our first released production called vex intro. You should find it in the Gallery 94.

Hook and me decided to travel to Helsinki some days earlier to "check the situation" and have a closer look at scandinavian living... I remember us walking to the party place and watching the people building up things, when hook finally grabed himself some finish guy and asked him: "tell me, who is important?" His finger pointed at Moku and we had our first talk to the more important people of the event.
After the party started and all people had arrived we got to know some famous people such as - avatar/ld, abyys/asm organizing and various other finish dudes I forgot. (hmm, seems I tend to forget many things now :-(
we always call "abyss" abyys/asm organizing, cause everbody already knows he is member of the future crew, so we don't have to state that anmore

After we left Suoumi again - very disappointed - pascal wasn't to sure if producing demos was that cool and he liked to write some game. But every game needs some noise, so he improved his s3m player...
After some months of debuging, testing and visional improvements doj wanted to call the product "cubic player" while pascal (as always) wanted to call it somehow different (sonic player). So we went to Alexa to let her decide which name to use. I think you know which one she favoured.
After cubic became quite popular in the scene we decided to use that name later on as a group name and in my opinion it is a good group name (although pascal of course thinks it sucks, well it seems that the doesn't like anything I propose...)

Unbeleavable, but the story continues in 1995. If you're fed up with our history return il ristorante. You can also go back.