as the years go by
1995 started as '94 ended. pascal was coding the gus support for cubic player and we were listening to tons of modules trying to fix thousands of bugs and inaccuracies of cp.
At TP4 we got to know the people from Sound Solutions who were responsible for producing the party cds. As our player was the only one capable of playing xm files and featured some cool things they were intested in licensing our player. But as time progressed it turned out that Sound Solutions had some problems paying their bills, as the cds did not sell as expected. So Assembly Organizing looked for a new producer and we finally made the deal with another company.

Assembly '95 featured an animation competition and my friends hook and sholan were playing around with ray tracing. So we decided to make some decent animation for the competition. We went to sholan's home, put some more tables inside his room and installed 7 pcs and one amiga. In fact every body who was not on holidays donated his pc for rendering and we had some nice meeting just about every evening. We needed about 4 weeks to get the animation finished, but I think we only worked 2 weeks. The rest of the time was spent watching videos or making other things of interest.
Finally our animation scored 3rd in the competition.

pascal coded a nice 4K intro for assembly on his notebook. But his notebook had some non standard timer. As pascal did not want to test his intro onto another machine ("my code has no bugs") he did not realize this handicap. In the competition the timer totally fucked up, resulting in "time jumps" in the movements, just like 2 steps ahead and 1 step back again. So the intro which wasn't that bad only became 11th.

In Helsinki we met some nice guy from Hildesheim (southern germany) who owns a BBS called Digital Nightmare. He asked us, if we could convert the 4k intro into a nice bbs addy and invited us to visit him. After some weeks we made him official member.

yo, windoes rocks After pascal released cp1.6 at wired '95 and Microsoft released windows95 we wanted to make some demo stuff again. I told him that making a good demo with two people only would be impossible to we concentrated onto intros again. After two months of heavy coding Lasse Reinbong was finished some minutes before the deadline. This intro was the long awaited break through and we gained much self confidence from making a no1 intro.

While working on the intro at the party two guys were looking quite interested at out screens. Well, that's nothing unconventional at parties and so I did not pay any attention for them until they asked me who I was. I had some chat with them and they turned out to be chaos/sanity and decca/lego, well known amiga sceeners. They were looking for some contacts to the pc scene and were very happy to meet some guys living in hamburg who seemed to be quite good in coding etc.
As they were organizers of Symposium 96 they were also looking for some people helping them organizing pc stuff. We spent some hours together at the party place and they showed us some famous old amiga and c64 sceners. As we in cubic had absolutely no idea what was going on in the commodore sceenes and the amiga guys knew about nothing from the pc scene we could share some knowledge. They told us of some internal meeting called "scala" which takes place twice a year and where the northern german amiga scene meets and invited us to participate in the next meeting in february.

Unbeleavable, but the story continues in 1996. If you're fed up with our history return il ristorante. You can also go back.