as the years go by
In January and February of 1996 I was attending some organizer meetings for the symposium '96. As the team mostly consisted of amiga people I learned much about the history of the german amiga scene. You have to know, that I only knew amiga demos, groups and stuff from the parties I visited. So I did not have the complete overview who was important and which groups made classic demos etc.

In February pascal and me coded some nice invitation intro for symposium, but I think it did not spread very well.

Mekka '96
As Mekka was approaching in the end of march and we would have no production I decided to code some trash intro for the competition. Topcrew was born - a label were every member produces stuff of his worst skills. So I did the code, while pascal and submissive were painting some ugly pictures. After some hot fixes at the party place we finally made it for the competition, but the demo crashed (I forgot some delete somewhere and it ran out of memory). But with our own votes it placed 6th our of 6 contributing demos, so I think not too bad for the first try.

trashcan We also produced some crappy fast intro one hour before the deadline. It features some music I tracked months before just for fun and handdrawn pictures from the legendary amiga coder chaos/sanity. Sadly only two intros were contributing in the competition so no winner was announced, but both intros were treated as winners.

Symposium '96
Excactly one week after Mekka Symposium '96 took place in exactly the same location. For amiga, atari and c64 it was a very good party and I made my first experiences as organizer. As you perhaps know one year later the party parties joined forces to produce an even better party than the two single events could offer.

After some party trouble around easter we had some months of scene relaxement and pascal and me used the weeks to prepare for our final exams in school. Surprisingly I graduaded as "Abiturient" and had to cope with the german army, who liked to see me among them from 1. July...
But that would mean no Assembly and Summer to enjoy, so I went to my local "Kreiswehrersatzamt" and told them I could only join army at 1. October. After some discussion with the employies I could convince them and enjoy the summer in "freedom".

Summer Encounter '96
In July we spontaneously decided to visit a new party in danmark called summer encounter. As we were already coding on toasted we did not have a production for this party, but just wanted to drive there and have some fun over the weekend. I likes the party very much, cause it was a friendly and quite athmosphere, not the hectic you know from the christmas party.

Summer Encounter Gallery
Lukas and the network guy sitting around
network crew at work
Traders paradise
coders coding, traders eating
what have I been thinking about ???
minutes before the deadline
we have made a short video of the event ready for download.
either choose Real Video format or take the complete party-avi (~25MB)

Although we had some routines ready and there was still much work left on toasted we did not work on it during se96, because we did not like other people see what we produced so far (for example the roller coaster was about 90% finished). So we decided to work on an intro for the competition and started from the scratch after arriving. We also produced a fast intro. Both intros scored 2nd.

while competition
while compo
After returning from Denmark we immiediatly started coding on toasted again. We daily met at pascals home. He has got some nice room under the roof where we installed our equipment and spent some days, nights, weeks coding and designing (haha, watch the joke) our demo.
Also some secret training for the cola crushing competition took place, but we simply forgot that Assembly doesn't hold this type of competition. But training never damages... well perhaps except your stomach which rejects the brown drink mostly as fast as it has received it. But you would do anything to win a silly compo, won't you ???
the complete competition is now available on video ! Get the AVI now !
after competition
after compo

Assembly '96
On Wednesday, that's two days before the event started submissive and me jumped into our local Lufthansa flight and likes to have some nice flight to scandinavia. But the trouble already started in hamburg. The stewardess at first rejected to transport my monitor which I was carrying with my in a normal bag. She said it could explode inside the plain and therefore may be a risk for passengers and cargo. But finally we could convince her that we very highly dependant on this monitor and so we could transport it to helsinki.

After arriving we went to a nice hotel and went to the city again to have some lunch. With filled stomachs we went to Assembly Organizings House to get a first overview on the situation. Soon Abyys arrived and we labeled about 1000 voting disks (that was fun). When our fingers finally consited of glue only we left asm orga again and went to a movie theatre to watch the latest schwarzenegger movie.

On Thursday nothing of interest happend and so we have a closer look onto the friday. The first day. After we located pascal and scholar who arrived on Thursday we started coding on the demo again and were just finishing some 30 min before the deadline. So as usual when coding on party placed we did not experience much party.
I think that's one disadvantage of big parties. Usually all important people are there, but you often don't meet them because it is just too big, and you loose control with so many people.

And we also exist in 1997. If you're fed up with our history return il ristorante. You can also go back.