as the years go by
1997 - After our party success with Lasse Reinbong 96, pascal decided to release the old What in a polished win95 version and submissive and me fell back to inactivity.

In February MoM told us of his pictures from TP6 and that he'd like to make a nice party report out of them. So he traveled to hamburg for a weekend and we made the basic design together. As submissive was very lazy in coding during winter we needed about 4 weeks to get it finally finished for mekka.

Mekka Gallery
the last bug waits to be fixed
minutes before the deadline
(watch our elite hercules mon for instant debugging)
green shirt
stupid organizers with
hands in their trousers
that's interesting
checking what our trader's doin'
pictures by realtime/thunderbolts

Mekka / Symposium
As usual there have been quite a few parties over easter '97. But as The Gathering was too far away from germany and X'97 isn't such a important event in the anual party calendar we decided to participate in mekka/sym.
A few days before the party started Crash / Polka Brothers asked submissive for help in developing a nice 32K game for the competition. At the party itself topcrew took place in the fast intro competition (as always), but did not score as high as last year.

In April I suddenly realized that we needed some net support, more than the usual home pages with hardly any contence. So I asked my old friend Thomas, who became an internet provider meanwhile, if I could install a little server in his network. He immiediatly agreed and so I could built a big site, which currently takes much time installing and administrating.

Of course I made my way to Helsinki this year too. But you should read the
the Assembly Reporter
for the whole story.

The Party
Back from Helsinki I started my carreer as student at the Fachhochschule Hamburg. I am currently trying to become a software engineer in a thing called "software techniques". The very first semester was kind of boring, although I did not compete successfully in the algebra test :-(
In the last months we assimilated the rest of the Polka Brothers (mainly only Crash was left). Crash and submissive wanted to make a demo for The Party 7 again, but this time I was not involved that much. Well at last they called me and asked if I could write two patterns for the demo, which were completely different than the rest of the tune. The tune was an old XM from Chromag, which he once wrote, but that was not used yet.

Before leaving for The Party, as usual, there was not much to see of the demo and sub+crash had much to code at the partyplace. In my opinion the demo was not worth releasing, but it was not worth keeping it either, so they decided to let it compete in the competition, and to all our surprise it eventually became third.

Now all you have to do is visit 1998 to complete the rest of your knowledge about my former life.