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Cubic Team & $eeN productions

Most of the Cubic Team & $eeN demos and intros are programmed for MS-DOS systems, often requiring vintage graphic and sound cards. You usually can not run these program on a modern computer directly. If the description shows the logo, you can run the demo with the DOSBox emulator. This gives you the possibility to view our demos under Windows, Mac, Linux and other UN*X variants. I used the config settings cycles=max, gus=true and machine=vesa_nolfb.


Cubic: After about 2 years of hard practicing doj and pascal released their first production in 1994. VEX-Intro, a contribution for the 64KB PC Intro competition at Assembly 1994, did for unknown reasons not compete in the competition, but it was a good start into the demo scene. Later that year pascal started work on the Cubic Player, which was released at The Party 1994.

$eeN: was part of an Compuserve demo group called Holofix. Submissive coded an invitation intro with nice adlib sound. But Holofix stayed absolutely inactive.

VeX-InTrO by Cubic VeX-InTrO doj, hook?, pascal The first production of Cubic. It features gouraud shading, texture mapping and fast vector graphics (well at least for that time). Coded for the PC 64KB Intro Competition at Assembly 1994 it did not compete, but many people got to know our names and we got our first contacts to the demo scene.
Party-Version 64KiB, Final-Version 85KiB, DOS, , YouTube
Holofix Loader Holofix Loader submissive, scholar
Release-Version 20KiB, DOS, , (the music is WV Planet Theme 6 by Hannes Seifert)
effects by submissive effects submissive, scholar
a collection of unreleased
effects submissive and scholar coded from 1993-1995. DOS, , YouTube


Cubic: During the first half of 1995 pascal was mainly coding the player. By summer Cubic Player had become the most commonly used player in the world, featuring about every format there was. In the beginning of July chaos, doj, hook? and sholan started working on their animation Space01 and pascal coded his 4K intro Loop01.

$eeN: submissive and scholar stayed rather inactive during 1995, just until the days before The Party 1995, when they joined Cubic and helped on Lasse Reinbøng.

Loop01 by Cubic Team Loop01 - Cubic - doj, pascal Originally this was Loop01, a 4K intro for Assembly 1995 (10th place). But pascal had a bug in his timer code and the intro totally lost sync in the competition. After Assembly MoM asked us if we could convert Loop01 into a nice BBS addy. So doj tracked some adlib music with Rad-Tracker and pascal fixed the code.
Party-Version 6KiB, BBS-addy 7KiB, DOS, , YouTube
Space01 by Cubic Team Space01 Cubic - chaos, doj, hook?, sholan We needed about 6 weeks to produce this animation which finally placed 3rd in the animation competition of Assembly 1995. We used 3D Studio 4 and every object was built from scratch by us.
DivX-Version 15MiB, YouTube
Physik - Die Hausaufgabe by Cubic Team Physik - Die Hausaufgabe Cubic - chaos, doj The physics teacher of chaos and doj wanted them to do a stupid home work. They thought this could be perfectly done with a computer simulation. So chaos and doj started coding. As they did not take the homework too seriously they more or less build some demo stuff around it with tracked music. All this was done in two days, so there is neither quality nor design. All texts are german, be warned!
School-Version 413KiB, DOS,
Eldar Picture by hook? Eldar Picture Cubic - hook? The Party 1995 Graphics Competition 21th place
Party-Version 68KiB
Lasse Reinbong by Cubic Team and $eeN Lasse Reinbøng Cubic Team & $eeN - doj, hook?, pascal, submissive This was the breakthrough production for Cubic Team & $eeN. It won the 64K PC Intro competiton at The Party 1995.
Party-Version 65KiB, Final-Version 185KiB, DOS, , YouTube


Besides the well known Cubic Player which became more and more buggy during this year, Cubic released many productions and underlined their place in the international demo scene. The peak surely was Toasted at Assembly 1996, but many other quality releases were coded during the year. $eeN completely joined cubic, but we kept their name, as many people remember us under "Cubic Team & $eeN".

symposium 96 invitation intro by Cubic Team Symposium 96 Invitation Intro doj, pascal At The Party 1995 pascal and doj met the organisers of Symposium 1996. They asked us if we could help them organsing the PC competitions and we agreed. As every good party needs an invitation intro, we made one.
Release-Version 363KiB, DOS, , YouTube
megga 1996 fast intro by Cubic Team and friends megga chaos/sanity, doj, submissive When doj arrived at Symposium 1996 on 11am Saturday he saw the fast intro competition announced on the big screen. The competition already ran for 11 hours with 1 hour left. He immediately asked his friends why they did not work on a fast intro. So chaos/sanity and submissive joined to produce this fast intro in the remaining hour.
Party-Version 200KiB, DOS, , YouTube
Stallinator by ToPCReW Stallinator / ToPCReW chaos, doj, pascal, shiva/kolor, submissive Although doj is mainly responsible for music and graphics he knows some tricks of coding. So he decided to make a demo for Mekka 1996. As the demo would be too bad to be released under Cubic, he founded ToPCReW, the group in which everybody does work with his badest talents. So doj coded and composed, submissive made some pictures together with pascal. At the party doj added two effects by chaos and one effect by shiva/kolor. See also the ToPCReW homepage for the new Win32 version and source code.
Final-Version 1.4MiB, DOS, , YouTube
Who left on the light??? by Cubic Team and $eeN Who left on the Light ??? doj, pascal, submissive In Summer we drove to a very nice party called Summer Encounter 1996. We made a small contribution for the fast intro competition. I think the rules were: broken smarties, lensflares, sucking win95. It became 2nd in the competition.
Party-Version 1.8MiB, DOS, , YouTube
?What? by Cubic Team and $eeN ?What? doj, pascal, submissive Our second contribution for the Summer Encounter 1996. Both intros were made from scratch at the party place. As it was a calm party, with no power amplifier lamers, you could work in a good atmosphere. We had much fun there. The intro became second (again) in the competition.
Party-Version 79KiB, DOS, , YouTube
Toasted by Cubic Team and $eeN Toasted doj, pascal, scholar, submissive The weeks before Assembly 1996 were total stress for us. None of us had ever done such a big project before and our timetable had to be streched almost every day. We all met every day at pascal's home and coded from about 10am to 12pm every day. After arrival at the party we immediately resumed coding and were able to finish one hour before the deadline. But all the work was rewarded with the second place in the demo competition at Assembly 1996.
Party Version 2.1MiB, Final Version 1.7MiB, DOS, , logo, YouTube
Lasse Reinbong 96 by Cubic Team Lasse Reinbøng 96 doj, (pascal), submissive For The Party 1996 submissive and doj asked themselves what they could contribute for any competiton. As noone could make some new stuff, they agreed to convert the winner from last year to Windows 95 and release the first Windows demo/intro ever. As we did not have any mixing/music routine which could play MOD music synced to grahpics, doj converted the Lasse Reinbøng score to MIDI. This picture shows doj and submissive carrying their equipment to the organizers booth to play the intro on the bigscreen. We needed doj's Roland E36 keyboard to play the MIDI score.
Party-Version 124KiB, Windows/DirectX
?What 95? by pascal ?What 95? pascal A conversion of our Summer Encounter 1996 intro ?What? to Windows 95.
Release-Version 79KiB, Windows


The first Windows 95 demo which we presented at The Party 1996 gathered more attention in the public than we expected. After an unproductive spring we decided to make a demo for Assembly which eventually became last in the competiton, as it totally sucked up, because of a wrong MikMod initializition. But only 5 months later we had our second demo this year which became 3rd at The Party 1997.

TP6 Report by Cubic Team and $eeN Cubic Team & $eeN Party 6 Report doj, submissive At The Party 1996 MoM rented Chicken's digital camera and made quite a few (unfocussed) shots of important sceners and aspects of the event. Then in February he convinced submissive and doj to make a party report out of them.
Report-Version 3.3MiB, DOS, (you need to do something like SET TEMP=C:\ and a machine=vesa_oldvbe setting)
Pccrap by Topcrew ToPCReW's PC-Crap submissive At Mekka^Symposium 1997 this intro was made in 1 hour in the spirit of last years fast intro.
Party-Version 247KiB, DOS, , YouTube
Trexxx Trexxx argon, crash, submissive Argon and Crash of the Polka Brothers were coding for about one year on their 3D engine. For the 32K Game Compo at Mekka^Symposium 1997, they somehow compiled a light version of their engine and made a game out of it. As the two were not experts in PC coding and size optimizing in 1997, they asked submissive for help and finally were able to stay below the 32K limit. The game placed second in the compeition.
Party-Version 65KiB, DOS,
Retro by Cubic Team Retro doj, frenetic, submissive and friends Submissive and doj wanted to take part in the demo competition at Assembly 1997. Submissive asked the Polka Brothers for their 3D engine and used that code as a starting point. Together with some 3D Studio scenes, lots of coded effects and score by doj, they made the 15th place in the competition. As pascal quit the group we had to use the MikMod player and due to a wrong initialization it totally fucked up the demo in the competition.
If you have connected a hercules monitor to your pc you can watch some secret parts in monochrome.
Final-Version 2.7MiB, DOS, , YouTube
Docking Station? by Cubic Team Docking Station? doj, submissive The Mini-Music-Disc featuring only one song. The Blue Danube from Johann Strauss. Runs with GUS and Megaem or other MIDI playback devices on port 330h. If you think you can compress the com file under 179 bytes have a look at submissive's ctswalz page for the assembly source.
Version 6 179bytes, DOS
Jingle Bells by doj Jingle Bells doj doj's entry for the 256byte competition in 1997. Features falling snow flakes and the song Jingle Bells played with Mega-EM and a Gravis Ultrasound.
competition version 790bytes, DOS,
Lessons by Polka Brothers Lessons polka brothers, cubic team & $eeN - argon, chromag, crash, pixie, submissive Our first demo in cooperation with the Polka Brothers. This demo is not featuring the usual Cubic style, but is more related to Polka Brothers demos. This demo placed third at The Party 1997 in Aars, which we did not expect, as there was a very good competition featuring many good demos.
Party-Version 1.6MiB, DOS, (this demo needs a machine=svga_s3), YouTube
Fractal Explorer by submissive Fractal Explorer submissive This java applet was coded in about 4 hours by submissive with support from doj after doj purchased a book on the new Java language.


Mekka^Symposium 98 Invitation Intro by Cubic Team Mekka^Symposium 98 Invitation Intro decca, doj, rawstyle, submissive This is the PC-conversion of the Mekka^Symposium 1998 Amiga Invitation Intro, first released at The Party 1997. This oldskool flashback was produced by Rawstyle and Decca of Lego. As no other group wanted to make a decent invitation for the PC, doj and submissive decided to port the Amiga intro.
Release-Version 155KiB, DOS, , YouTube
Volksintro by Cubic Team Volksintro frenetic, JJ, submissive Das tausendjährige Intro. Became 2nd in the fast intro competition at Mekka^Symposium 1998.
Party-Version 740KiB, DOS, (this program only runs when DOS4GW.EXE is not in the same directory. copy DOS4GW.EXE into a directory in your PATH, then start VOLK.EXE), YouTube
Fast Intro 98 by Cubic Team and $eeN Fast Intro doj, JJ, submissive This intro was coded in 3 hours at the Teklords Spring 1998 meeting. We had 4 contributions in the competition although the meeting had only 12 members. KB's comment on this intro: "Das ist mal wieder typische doj mucke".
Party-Version 1.2MiB, DOS, (start it with dos4gw fast and choose SB16), YouTube
C64 Underground by Cubic Team and $eeN C64 Underground doj, submissive This (unfinished) intro was coded at the Scala 1998 meeting.
Party-Version 3MiB, DOS, (start it with dos4gw demo), YouTube


Kasparov by Elitegroup In 1999 doj and submissive joined Elitegroup and worked on several of the rxx series and the famous demo kasparov. Windows/DirectX, YouTube

2000 and ongoing

fr-08:.the.product by farbrausch After Elitegroup diminished doj joined Farbrausch, where he worked on fr-08:.the.product and other productions.
Windows/DirectX, YouTube


NiX by doj, Michael and ronny/fr NiX OpenGL Demo doj, Michael, ronny/fr A demo coded by doj and Michael for a university class on computer graphics. Developed under Linux with OpenGL and later ported to Windows. The music was an old track by Ronny/Farbrausch. See the NiX webpage for more details and source code.
Windows Version 4.8MiB, Windows/OpenGL, Linux/OpenGL


Industrial Light & Magic by renetic and r0k Industrial Light & magic frenetic, r0k This 4K intro won the 4k competition at Mekka^Symposium 2002.
Party Version 5.5KiB, Windows/DirectX


Mojo Dreams by frenetic and r0k Mojo Dreams frenetic, r0k This 4K intro won the 4k competition at Breakpoint 2003.
Party Version 5.5KiB, Windows/DirectX


Ex Fabric by frenetic and kb/fr Ex Fabric frenetic, kb This 4K intro won the 4k competition at Breakpoint 2004.
Party Version 10KiB, Windows/DirectX, logo

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